“Every architectural design must convey of a feeling and a meaning.”

Eke Architecture was founded in 1994 by Öznur Turan EKE. EKE Mimarlık;Eke Architecture provides architectural and interior design services for touristic,educational,residential,and commercial projects. Our firm functions as the creative bridge between the investors and the clients: by providing unique designs crafted for the specifics of every project and perspective of the clients, Eke Architecture aims to shape the art of architecture. The main goal of Eke Archiecture is to provide its clients with permanent and effective solutions. The process at Eke Mimarlik runs from the abstract to the practical: while it starts off with basic planning and feasibility analysis, it is concluded by applied architectural designs as embodied by the completed projects. Our projects start off with a thorough analysis of the project’s physical, social and economic criteria and continue with the implementation of designs using innovative techologies and modern materials. Eke Mimarlik ensures to fulfill its clients’ expectations by working within the bounds of an agreed-upon project budget and continuously coordinating communication between the parties. With on 20 years, Eke Architecture has been demonstrating its respect for the art of architecture by pushing the boundaries of the “conventional” in its projects and creating architectural spaces which reflect their users’ unique perspectives and lifestyles. We believe this to be a statement in and of itself: architectural spaces are not simply completed projects; they are also living and permanent forms of the architect’s and the client’s creative expressions.