“Every design must convey a feeling and a meaning.”

Eke Mimarlik, founded by the architect Oznur Turan Eke in 1994, provides architectural services in various fields, such as tourism, education, residential living, urban living, and commerce. Our firm continues to craft unique design solutions to the specifics of each architectural space and to act as a bridge between its inhabitants and investors.

Eke Mimarlik aims to achieve lasting and effective designs by aligning the interests of the space’s inhabitants and its investors. Every project that Eke Mimarlik takes a part in starts with project planning and feasibility analysis and is ultimately concluded by the application of practical design solutions. Our firm creates unique spaces by heeding to the client’s financial and aesthetic needs and applying cutting edge design technology and materials in light of the project’s practical, financial and social criteria. Eke Mimarlik delivers on the investment goals of its clients by facilitating coordination between the parties involved through the course of the project.

Led by Oznur Turan Eke (B.Arch) and her partner, Secil Savkli (M.Arch), Eke Mimarlik aims to realize excellent design and client service with the help of its team specializing in architecture and interior design. In projects, our ultimate goal is to conclude projects in a timely manner and to create value for our clients through our designs.

Eke Mimarlik has continued to push the boundaries of architecture and design in the past 27 years. We emphasize that spaces should not be reduced to their overall aesthetics but must also stand out with the lasting and clever design solutions contained therein, which marks the difference between good design and a great one.